Forget Your Worries With Jungle Book


When I found out that Disney was planning to make their classics into live action movies I was not only ecstatic, but I had a nerd attack. Honestly, I am surprised that I have yet to see Maleficent and Cinderella. Especially since I am a Disney Princess fanatic, you would think I would rush to see the live action films that has to do with their live action counter parts. Better believe I am not missing Beauty and the Beast one in theaters on opening day! Belle is my home girl! Anyway, it was Jungle Book that finally had me take the Disney Live Action dive and I must say that I think it was meant to be that way. I know that must sound corny but I believe it is true.

Jungle Book is a wonderful classic to see in live action and the little boy they had play Mowgli really stole the show. His acting debut was fantastic and this movie was not easy! Can you imagine trying to have real emotion and talking to things that are not there, knowing that eventually movie magic will put it there? I know I can be a Drama Queen but I am not sure I can even pull that off for hours and hours of a day.

The voice cast was also phenomenal. I could not have imagined anyone more fitting than Bill Murray as Baloo. It was truly amazing to see the Bare Necessities performed in live action. I was worried that they would keep the music out because of it being live action and most of the cast being animals but they managed to keep the magic alive with the music without it being a cheeseball fest.


I still got a little teary eyed though. I mean…it’s the Bare Necessities…with a real little boy…on the belly of a real looking fuzzy bear voiced by Bill Murray….and they were singing:

“Look for the bare necessities; The simple bare necessities; Forget about your worries and your strife!” (Written by Terry Gilkyson)

I mean if that doesn’t make you a little watery then you are dead inside!

I really don’t want to give much away about the movie because it was truly amazing but I want to say that the magic is alive in this one. The ending is different than the Disney Classic Animated film and I will say it is way better. I think it fits more to the Classic books the films are inspired from. I will actually say that I LOVE the ending to the Live Action film so much better than the Animated. So there is so much going for this film that makes this nerdy approved that I urge every nerd to watch it! I don’t care if you are young or old, a Disney fan or not! Watch it! The special effects are fantastic and the acting is wonderful, including the voice acting. The scenery is spectacular making the beauty of the jungle seem real. I had almost wished I was Mowgli, growing up in a jungle, and that is even if I was chased by a crazy tiger. I think you should simply watch it because it does make you forget your worries a little bit…sorry…I couldn’t resist!





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