Grimm Tales

Grimm TalesGrimm_0My husband and I finally caught up with the show Grimm after binge watching it for the past couple of weeks. It was one heck of a ride and I have missed watching the show with my husband. Just like more nerds I love the paranormal and supernatural a like and this world is no different. Now that I am caught up I feel like I can say the reasons why I Nerdy approve this show (so far 🙂 hahaha ) So here you go:

  1. Grimm dives into Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Histories, Cultures and Ghost Stories from all cultures. From Anubis from Egypt right down to Krampus from Germany there is nothing Grimm wont touch. It leaves this world with so many different Wesen and lore that it could explore. I always wonder what will be introduced next!
  2. I have a beautiful mother born and raised in Germany, wonderful extended family living over there because of my maternal side, and I was also born in Germany so every time there is a Wesen that is more German in nature I giggle in delight. I even giggle in delight if it is an evil one because I get a kick out of the lore it is coming from since I feel like it is my heritage, who knew it could get so freaking creepy! I mean Krampus seriously??! Thanks for the nightmares! I am really happy I never heard that in my family…thanks for skipping that one Mom! Since I have such a strong background to Germany I really love it when they do research about what is going on and the entry in the Grimm Journals are from a Grimm dating back in Germany. Therefore, good ol’ Monroe has to translate! Speaking of Monroe, who is my favorite character by the way, he is a Blutbad pronounced BLOOT-baat. In Grimm, it is German for Blut for“blood” plus Bad for“bath”.


This is perfect since he is a wolf like wesen, almost like a werewolf. It is just interesting that a lot of the Wesen names come from the German language. Wesen, which is pronounced VES-sin, is actually German for “a being” or “creature” and these beings are what the main character can see when normal people can not. Other cool  names in Grimm for Wesen is Fuchsbau, pronounced FOOKS-bow, which is again German for “foxhole” or “burrow”. I could probably geek on and on about the wesen names and how the translate into something German but I will spare everyone that bit of my fandom. Just know that it does excite me greatly..

3. Also….the Grimm Brothers…in which the Grimm’s are related to in this paranormally fantastic show, they are German. Which I know most people know that but I just want to state it and for the record it is still awesome.

4. For the most part this show as strong women. There is nothing more irritating to me than weak women and I will not watch a show and I will stop watching a show if female characters annoy the crap out of me. Rosalee is by far the best female character on the show in my opinion. I think that even with her relationship with Monroe does not downplay her strengths. I will also state that I fee like Adalind starts to show character growth towards the end of the last season and maturity. Juliette is the only character that bothers me in how she handled things when things went down with receiving her Hexenbeist powers and how she pretty much destroyed everyone’s lives after that. She faults everyone and becomes a total monster instead of being a better person which was not what I would have expected from her. Total failure in character in my opinion…

5. The above leads me to my next reason why I am loving the show so far…everyone has their moments in annoying me but they usually become forgivable later. You ever watch a show that the characters just keep things from one another forever but say they trust and/or love one another but you are like “yeah right!!” Well, in Grimm I actually believe for the most part Team Grimm as each others backs no matter what even when they keep a secret for an episode, because I have a feeling the character will eventually tell the others: “So hey guys I think I am turning into a money man…thoughts?” We do have those moments of absolute betrayal with Juliette turning psycho with her Hexenbeist powers and most recently Sean stealing Adalind, making her join the cause or else her kids die, and joining Black Claw all to become a Politician. Ugh…I had high hopes for him. *sighs*

So I am really excited to see where the next season takes us. It will be the last season unfortunately so stay tuned January 8th for the final season airing at 8pm!!






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