Pokemon Go! is good for the Soul!

Oh Pokémon. I remember coming home after school and watching the epic little cartoon anime with my little sister, playing the game until truthfully I got frustrated in the caves location, and collecting the trading cards even though we never did anything with the cards but collect them. Now nearly two decades later I am not in middle school any more and I am getting back in catching the cute and sometimes odd little creatures on my smartphone. Damn game is sucking my battery power dry and giving new meaning to social craze. I mean have you seen some of the news reports of us nerds walking around catching our Pokémon in parks and other locations around the world?

I will not pretend that I have not heard the bad press the game has recieved about it but I am here to tell my nerdy side of things. In my opinion haters will hate no matter what it is so I really don’t care. 



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